Stage 3 Paving Announcements

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RS&W Office Closed for Over-The-Counter Service Due to Coronavirus

Dear Roamingwood Customers,

As your essential water and wastewater services supplier, we want you to rest assured that we are maintaining both with staff 24/7. In an effort to protect you and our employees, we are encouraging you to assist us with the following measures:

Our main office will remain closed to over the counter assistance. Payments and Customer Service requests can be made:

* Emergency 24hrs, via phone at (570) 698-6162 Option #1
* Website for payments
* Questions / concerns at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
* Check payments may only be deposited in our drop box at the front entrance of the office.
* As always, office staff will be available to take calls during normal business hours M-F 8:30am – 4:30pm for any immediate concerns or questions.

*** We ask that ALL non-emergency service calls be limited if possible, to avoid personal contact. We will always respond to any emergency.

Please remain diligent in the care of our system. DO NOT flush wipes or other restricted items down your toilets.  Click here for more details.

For further updates, please continue to visit this website.

Jack Lennox
Executive Director
Roamingwood Sewer and Water Association

First and foremost, the SWCWSA and RS&W organization would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the community members for their patience and cooperation throughout this entire Infrastructure Replacement Project. This project was the largest of its kind presently in North America and our community now stands as a model for many other sewer and water systems who now face this same challenge and hope to achieve the success we have. It has not gone unrecognized, the financial burden that has been placed on the members of this community. Our organization is still committed to making our service and our standards of practice worthy of it, to our curs.

The final run: As construction approaches Substantial Completion of the third and final stage, crews will be working through the winter on final restoration of properties to their former conditions. Property restorations will continue until all issues have been addressed. All driveways will be addressed, temporarily, as needed for the coming winter months. All streets will receive a scratch coat of paving to allow for smooth driving and plowing, as well, through the winter.

Final Paving Program has been postponed to the Spring of 2019. Due to the historic rainfall we have experienced this summer and autumn, this decision was at the recommendation of the project’s professional engineers to postpone. This will allow for any hidden problems to surface in the interim and our crews to address before the final pave is applied.

Once again, Thank You for your continued cooperation and understanding.

-Jack Lennox, Executive Director RS&W