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RS&W Office Closed for Over-The-Counter Service Due to Coronavirus

Dear Roamingwood Customers,

As your essential water and wastewater services supplier, we want you to rest assured that we are maintaining both with staff 24/7. In an effort to protect you and our employees, we are encouraging you to assist us with the following measures:

Our main office will remain closed to over the counter assistance. Payments and Customer Service requests can be made:

* Emergency 24hrs, via phone at (570) 698-6162 Option #1
* Website www.roamingwood.com/pay for payments
* Questions / concerns at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
* Check payments may only be deposited in our drop box at the front entrance of the office.
* As always, office staff will be available to take calls during normal business hours M-F 8:30am – 4:30pm for any immediate concerns or questions.

*** We ask that ALL non-emergency service calls be limited if possible, to avoid personal contact. We will always respond to any emergency.

Please remain diligent in the care of our system. DO NOT flush wipes or other restricted items down your toilets.  Click here for more details.

For further updates, please continue to visit this website.

Jack Lennox
Executive Director
Roamingwood Sewer and Water Association

The Boise Cascade Company began purchasing land within the current boundaries of The Hideout in March 1969. The original purchase of 68 acres was for farmland, which now comprises the North Beach area and part of Roamingwood Lake.

The Pocono Water Company (PWC) and Pocono Sewer Company (PSC) were incorporated on August 5, 1970, as wholly owned subsidiaries of Boise Cascade Home and Land Corporation. On August 10, 1970, representatives of Boise Cascade filed applications with the Public Utility Commission (PUC) on behalf of the PWC and PSC to begin providing public water and sewer services within The Hideout. These applications were approved by the PUC on March 22, 1971.

Construction of the initial water and sewer systems took place in 1971 – 1973, and most of the sewer system in The Hideout was installed between 1971 and 1973. The sewer main material is predominantly 8 inch diameter "Truss Pipe".

The Roamingwood Sewer and Water Association (RS&W) is a non-profit corporation organized by the POA in November 1980 for the purpose of acquiring, owning, and operating the sewer and water systems of The Hideout.

The South Wayne County Water and Sewer Authority was created in November 1980 by the Board of Commissioners of Wayne County as a financial vehicle for the acquisitions of the water and sewer systems. The funds were raised through issuance of tax-free municipal bonds.

In March 1981, the formal financing was completed and the utility systems became the property of RS&W; agent of South Wayne County Water and Sewer Authority.

The first property was sold in July 1970, and the first homes were begun soon thereafter. By 1973, the community boasted in excess of 200 homes “serviced by central sewerage and water”, an unusual amenity in those first years of recreational community development in the Pocono area. The peak home building period for The Hideout was 1986 – 1988.

RSWA Truck