Drinking Water Quality Statement

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RS&W Office Closed for Over-The-Counter Service Due to Coronavirus

Dear Roamingwood Customers,

As your essential water and wastewater services supplier, we want you to rest assured that we are maintaining both with staff 24/7. In an effort to protect you and our employees, we are encouraging you to assist us with the following measures:

Our main office will remain closed to over the counter assistance. Payments and Customer Service requests can be made:

* Emergency 24hrs, via phone at (570) 698-6162 Option #1
* Website www.roamingwood.com/pay for payments
* Questions / concerns at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
* Check payments may only be deposited in our drop box at the front entrance of the office.
* As always, office staff will be available to take calls during normal business hours M-F 8:30am – 4:30pm for any immediate concerns or questions.

*** We ask that ALL non-emergency service calls be limited if possible, to avoid personal contact. We will always respond to any emergency.

Please remain diligent in the care of our system. DO NOT flush wipes or other restricted items down your toilets.  Click here for more details.

For further updates, please continue to visit this website.

Jack Lennox
Executive Director
Roamingwood Sewer and Water Association

Drinking Water Quality Statement

Published: 10/02/2019

Roamingwood Sewer and Water Association’s (RSWA) Mission is to be the provider of the highest quality water and sewer service in Northeast Pennsylvania. We will achieve this mission through our commitment to the Association members, the Hideout Community, and the environment.

RSWA, a nonprofit municipal entity, is held to strict regulatory standards of our water quality and takes pride in supplying impeccable water quality to their customers. Our required, disinfection residuals are analyzed continuously (24/7) at every well logging in over 175,000 required readings annually. Electronic records are then submitted to the PaDEP to meet regulation requirements. In addition to our chlorine residuals in 2018, RSWA and its accredited third-party laboratories have tested and uploaded analysis for the required 2,180 parameter entries in the PaDEP database meeting all EPA and PaDEP required regulatory parameters. In 2019 to date, RSWA and its third-party laboratories tested and uploaded analysis for 1,661 parameter entries in the PaDEP database meeting all EPA and PaDEP required regulatory parameters so far for the year. For more detailed information on our water quality, a required Annual Water Quality Report is sent to every customer annually and is also available electronically on our web site at https://www.roamingwood.com/about/water-quality-report.

RSWA always welcomes any member to contact us directly with questions and concerns. We have a very well educated and caring staff, that will go above and beyond to put your concerns to rest and assist you in any way we can to help you understand your water & sewer system. We encourage you to get educated, as well, about the future of water, not only in our small community, but nationwide. This will be affecting all corners of our country in the very near future.
As always, we are here for the community. Our board members are your members, our staff takes pride in their work and helping you with your concerns.